Can you please provide us with more info on loading different drivers based on the lsusb output, in other words, which drivers to load, how to do that, etc.? If so is this range extender still working for you? This past summer, I was staying in a hotel in the Poconos and, fortunately had taken the week off. And i never use it with VirtualMachines. I was able to capture a WPA2 data capture quickly and easily with it.

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Hi Dave, Thanks so much for this article.

Directory listing of [1] WiFi USB adapter/AWUSH/MAC OS

Akfa though, do I still need to use a VPN with this or rely on the multiple encryption profiles listed on Amazon? Some articles on this site contain affiliate links, meaning we may be compensated if you purchase a product or service after clicking on them. You May Also Like.

I am running kali linux Learn how your comment data is processed. One thing I have noticed is the card is a bit picky about the mini-USB cable that you plug into it.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sometimes it is best to boot from a DVD or flash drive. Also, when I do start wlan0, it says monitor mode activated but station mode deactivated.


Airmon-ng, Airodump-ng both worked fine for me and I could even capture data from 5 GHz range. In the end though its whatever works to fit that scenario. If so is this range extender still working for you? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It gets into monitor mode but this is all it can do. Thanks for the info, it looks to be a wireless The is more sensitive. I suppose it is a driver problem of the rtusb.

ALFA NETWORK: ALFA WiFi USB models Now support MAC EI Capitan

It seems as though the drivers Kali loads is causing the confusion with the chipset. The internet at this huge resort condos, hotel rooms, cabins only worked between the hours of 4am and 6am. In that situation, your options are to only stay in places with several reviews mentioning good Internet, or switch to a smartphone or Mi-fi device with a strong cell awus051nhh when the Wi-fi at your accommodation sucks.

I thought that the clear plastic bit on the top is presumably a light.

Kali Linux and the Alfa AWUS051NH Dual Band USB Adapter Review

Now, getting more than two bars of signal and being able to load Gmail in under a minute counts as a successful day. I can see a third more routers available when I use this dongle compared to a dedicated 2.

I can stand outside in the driveway, precariously balancing my laptop in one hand and slowly typing this article with the other, or plug in a cheap plastic gadget and eliminate aalfa problem entirely. Read our full disclosure policy here.


And I want to put an order as soon as possible. I realise this has been posted a few years ago but just wanted to say you can still make it work on a Mac on High Sierra. I awus05nh that when the big list populates the terminal, below listed under station, all of them say.

RT phy4 wlan1mon rtusb Ralink Technology, Corp. I have tried to deauth a client from a fixed 5 Ghz channel using:. I was able to capture a WPA2 data capture quickly and easily with it.

Too Many Adapters

I will add updates as I continue to test it. If you want something similar with good reviews that does work with the latest MacOS versions, this looks good and is even cheaper!

On my keyboard the caps lock led and the scrolling led started to blink and everything freezed, so I had to close that virtual machine.