Linux gives you a lot of flexibility to configure the system to minimize wear. What’s the first rule of troubleshooting? Then install or make sure they are installed the following packages: I also have a 2 HD setup, and it recognized both drives. It pauses and waits for me to press a key before finally booting to windows.

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Then install or zsus sure they are installed the following packages: Now is when you can install the “nvidia-settings” module using the Adept manager or apt-get. Results 1 to 4 of 4.

ASUS P5Q PRO linux compatability

I left the power management and other settings as they were. Any idea on what setting I need to change to make sure that it boots directly into windows each time without stopping at this screen? Remember that there are many components inside the PC case generating EM noise.

So, with your fresh install immediately download all applicable updates. That’s what partition backups and battery UPS are for. Nosing around on the ‘net I discovered there’s a method called slipstreaming whereby one can make an install CD of WinXP and include lijux number of items such pgo February 8th, 2. Static electricity is also an issue.


Any idea what I should set it to it’s an intel E and the specs list the range as 0. The build was uneventful. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

This makes for an extraordinarily fast oro, even compared to the Velociraptor. You don’t have to do these things, but they help not only with wear-reduction but also speed, and they’re pretty simple to change.

Once you can read what the error is, you can put these settings back to default if you like.

ASUS P5Q-PRO Benchmarks, Linux Performance –

Well worth a look for anyone who finds themselves reading this thread. Thats an impressive bit of work. Especially once it migrates to my server.

Installation Program The install program reported that it couldn’t find an ethernet adapter.

setting bios correctly? (ASUS P5QL Pro)

Dad runs Linux as well! I guess that as an alternative, you can try downloading the latest driver source right now is 1. In this case with the Asus P5QL Prothe p55ql card was not recognized by the Linux distribution I normally use for my server CentOSand after having spend a reasonable time using Google trying linus find out what was going on — I successfully figured out:.


Windows is constantly accessing the drive so I assume it would not be good for the SSD although the drive does advertise itself for Windows. February 9th, 3.

But what they don’t realize is that even if the component doesn’t fail that day, by being exposed to those charges its lifetime may be shortened. Guess I need to go read a “how to. And sudo lshw -C sound shows that I have the following: Thanks for this blog. In programing, the sign is often used to insert comments into a program for later referance. Home My Youtube Channel About.

This step compiling and installing the ethernet kernel module must be repeated after each kernel update. I’ve had none of the stuttering reported with slower SSD drives this drive has a 64MB cache which helps with that.

My parts have not arrived as yet, but I will report back in the coming weeks on how this build goes.