Here’s a synth sound with various real-time parameter tweaks. There are many options for me with this. SOUNDS The only 2 cons for me is that 1 you need to connect it to the laptop and use the editor for advanced edition since the display is very small, but I understand that is also related to the price, and if you want more you have the M or the M Basically I had focused on Gaia roland juno thence, I did not really.. The Korg Microstation Micro has a built in sequencer on it. Sort by most recent most useful.

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Equally at home on stage or in kkorg studio. Appearance-wise, the microStation has a foot more firmly planted in the micro camp than it does in that of its workstation big brothers.

Request a new review. Cons Hands up who likes mini keys? I spent many days or nights with work, I lug around everywhere, it plugs in 3 minutes and it weighs less than a chicken For instance, if you use the one on the left to control cutoff and move this towards a low setting, if you then arrow down to use the same dial to control the amount of effects send and turn this right up, when you return to cutoff, the sound will open to super-bright the moment you touch this dial again, as its physical position is now at maximum.

Even the pdf manual is sometimes very elliptical. Those of you familiar with Korg’s architecture will know that sounds can be played in either single Program mode, or combined Combi modes, with the latter letting you split sounds across the keyboard or create stacks for extra power. Those old enough to remember the arrival of Korg’s legendary M1 will know that the ‘Workstation’ tag it gave birth to is an accolade Korg only applies to keyboards which combine synthesis and sequencing – in other words, those instruments they consider a one-stop shop for track creation.


The keyboard is small but not unpleasant.

Combine the two concepts and you end up with something pretty exciting – an instrument capable of producing tracks and editing sounds ‘internally’, while also offering immediacy and an intuitive approach without bogging the user down in endless menus. Then you can go on the PC tool.

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Both Combi and Sequencer modes share these effects instead and employ effects busses to decide which sounds get sent to which effects and the amount of effect applied to each. The microStation is also packed full of more obviously ‘workstation’ sounds if dance music isn’t your thing. C” summarized the characteristics of this device, in the following notice One word of warning is that these encoders can jump suddenly if you need to use the same physical dial to control two parameters.

To aid the process of sound selection and to introduce you to the capabilities of the real-time controls, each sound features its own Audition riff user-selectable from a huge list of alternatives which immediately gets it playing a sequence or phrase that can then be manipulated, which is a great place to start and often leads to interesting composition ideas micfostation.

This FX heavy kit gets many of its real-time controllers manipulated to keep it dynamic. Before buying, I go around all that exists keyboard workstation through the various demos that I found on the net Each sound can be changed in microstztion time, plus you can edit your own sounds and save them. The Korg Microstation is very affordable, it is a 61 key synth that has full MIDI capabilities and professional sounding presets that are ready to go.

Specifications | microSTATION – MUSIC WORKSTATION | KORG (Middle East – EN)

As for ,icrostation sounds, there is great, with the software of course With a total of effect types you will never run out of effects on the Korg Microstation. Of course, I am very happy with this choice that opens new horizons for months, perhaps years to come Our members also liked: If you’re new to synthesis, this might prove a bit fiddly, but having played with a lot of menu-driven synths, we found it reasonably intuitive, especially as arrowing left quickly gets you back to where you started.


There are arpeggiation patterns built-in, a total from microxtation you can select a preset or create your own. To return to the sounds, I nicrostation forgot This Lead guitar makes good use of the joystick for ‘feedback’ sounds.

Several effects such as cut, resonance, delay, etc. All-access artist interviews, in-depth gear reviews, essential production tutorials and much more. This keyboard is small and compact, making it perfect for the gigging musician or someone who travels a lot from studio to studio like I do.


What becomes clear straight away is that several types of arrangement can be created with the sequencer, whether you want to hit record and build up a multitimbral ‘song style’ arrangement, or whether you’re more interested in building short looped phrases which you can then expand out to a fully-fledged track or use to spin into a DJ set, for example. I adore this kicrostation from the bottom up, from right to left, up and wide in front as back, a jewelry quality Microstaton an amazing price!

Our Verdict The microStation bridges the divide between the workstation and micro ranges beautifully. I would not use the sequencer for that part I do not use it and I probably would not use ever